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Melanoma: Follow-up

Your doctor will discuss with you the best follow-up intervals after the diagnosis of a melanoma. The stage of your melanoma will determine how often you should have follow-up appointments. This clinic recommends the following:


  • Melanoma in-situ – 6 month review & annual skin checks

  • Melanoma 0 to 0.9mm thick – 3 monthly for 1 year and annual skin checks

  • Melanoma 1mm thick and greater – 3 monthly for 2 years, then 4 monthly for 2 years and annual skin checks


In these appointments you’ll be shown how to check the scar and the surrounding skin and lymph nodes closest to where the melanoma was.


You will be shown how to check your skin for further melanomas and given advice on sun protection.


Please contact the clinic if you are every worried that your melanoma has come back or if you have new moles that you are concerned about.

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