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Surgical Oncology 

Dr Crampton provides specialised care for patients with breast cancer, thyroid cancer, sarcoma, melanoma and a wide range of other tumours. He works very closely with specialists in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Cancer Genetics on the Gold Coast, to provide multidisciplinary care for patients with cancer. His mission is to provide excellence in cancer care from early diagnosis to ongoing management and follow up. 

Breast & Endocrine 

​Breast cancer and breast surgery: multidisciplinary care for the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of management of patients with breast cancer and other breast disorders. A full range of breast surgery techniques including breast conserving surgery, oncoplastic surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and breast reconstruction are provided. 


Endocrine, thyroid and parathyroid surgery: surgery for the treatment of thyroid cancer, tumours and other thyroid diseases, such as parathyroid disease and hyperparathyroidism

Laparoscopic Surgery 

Today, laparoscopic surgery is a widely accepted surgical technique that uses small incisions and long pencil-like instruments to perform operations with a camera. As the incisions are much smaller than their open counterparts, recovery is faster and post-operative pain is typically less. Procedures such as hernia repairsgall bladders, bowel resection, and organ removal are now routinely carried out laparoscopically.

Hernia Surgery 

Hernias are very common and can occur in a variety of different places such as the abdomen, groin, umbilicus, and can often occur at the site of a previous operation where the fascia or muscle wall has been weakened.

A Hernia is the result of a weakness in fascia / muscle lining leading to an unwanted or painful lump or bulge. This lump is usually the protrusion of internal tissues or organs through the weakness. Depending on the site and size of the hernia, repair is carried out by either open or laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

Whilst your hernia might not currently cause you any issues, planned repair is preferred. If left untreated a hernia usually enlarges and may result in dangerous complications requiring emergency surgery.

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