Welcome to Gold Coast Melanoma Clinic

The Gold Coast Melanoma Clinic has been established as a centre of excellence for the diagnosis and management of melanoma and advanced skin cancers.


It was set up by Dr Nic Crampton, who is a specialist oncoplastic surgeon.With the growing demand for treatment of melanoma and skin cancers in South East Queensland, this dedicated melanoma and skin cancer clinic has been set up to meet the needs of patients and their general practitioners.

What is a melanoma?

Melanoma is the least common of the skin cancers but is the most dangerous if it is not found early.


Melanoma is a tumour of the melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, which is responsible for the colour of skin, and protects it from harmful ultraviolet rays that come from the sun or sun tanning beds. When the skin is trying to protect itself it increases the amount of melanin, resulting in a suntan or moles.

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Current trials


The Gold Coast Melanoma Clinic has teamed up with Australia New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group (ANZMTG) for a phase III, multi-centre randomised control trial investigating 1cm v 2cm Wide Excision Margins for primary cutaneous melanoma.

Current research


The Gold Coast Melanoma Clinic and the Griffith University have begun the establishment of the Institute for Glycomics Melanoma Cell Bank, for which Dr Nic Crampton is Principal Investigator. The purpose of this project is to create a biospecimen bank including cell lines prepared from ex vivo melanoma surgical specimen and matching blood donations, which are stored for melanoma research.